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I am an MBA….who wants to save the world (or atleast try to)

You might have seen a form of this tweet from me this past week or so:

OFFER: #MBA (expert: strategy/acct mgmt/ITstartups) seeks <6month #Africa project in #socent #microfinance or #fairtrade

I have been slowly perfecting my 140 character blurb to maximize exposure in the Twittersphere in the hopes that my message somehow comes across the desktop of someone who could use my help. I spend a lot of time tweeting and blogging about my various personal and professional interests, but my friends, I am at a crossroads and need your help.  My 6 month Taproot Foundation strategic planning project with Seattle Goodwill Industries has just ended, we are on “summer break” for my board post at Seattle Net Impact, and my big special events with Fabric of Life Fair Trade Foundation and Boutique have come and gone.

I am more than one year out from receiving my MBA from ESADE, and 8 months into my new life in the Seattle, WA area, and it’s time to make some changes and progress.  I have spent lots of time researching, networking, and just general thinking about what I want to do with my degree and my professional life.  What I have concluded is that more than anything, I want a fulfilling career where I can use business to help solve our toughest social (and environmental) issues.  I am inspired by the good work being done by Grameen Foundation, Marigold Fair Trade Clothing, Acumen Fund, Fair Factories Clearinghouse, and of course by the amazing social entrepreneurs at Ashoka.  Getting out in the field, and aligning myself with these types of organizations would be a dream come true, and a giant leap in the direction of being able to leave my positive mark on the world.

At this point, I think it’s important that I get some hands on professional experience in a developing nation (perhaps in Africa?).  Yes I have an MBA from Spain, and while that experience was invaluable, it doesn’t quite fulfull my desire and need to have a job abroad. To sum up my goals as of this moment:

<<<I am now seeking a short-term (6 months of less) project in a social enterprise, fair trade cooperative, or microfinance institute in a developing nation, preferably in Africa.  Ideally I would like a paid project, but would be OK with an opportunity that pays all my expenses.>>>

My pre-MBA background was in IT start ups, and so I feel very comfortable in technical environments.  I am an expert in account management and training, and also have experience with non-profit outreach, event planning and market research.

***If you know of any organizations who might be able to use my help, please have them contact me via email: or twitter: meganle.  Thank you everyone!!!***