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GUILTY: U.S. Government Wastes ~$440M/Year in Printing

U.S. Government Wastes Over $440 Million per Year in Printing: Report | GreenerComputing.

Everyone knows the saying “lead by example,” but the US government is doing a poor job to inspire the public and businesses to conserve paper and be mindful of printing waste.  We are guilty at one time or another of printing unnecessary items, making too many copies, and making printing mistakes.  This is especially true at work, because hey, if the company is paying for it (and money is what is top of mind), why not? Right? WRONG.

As I continue to educate myself on the planet’s issues (both social and environmental), I constantly challenge myself to just think before I act. (Wait, isn’t that exactly what Mom always told us to do?) I try to step back and ponder the situation even just for 5 seconds, before I make my next move.  For example: “Do I REALLY need to print out these google maps directions, or can I just write them down on the back of this sales receipt instead?”

If we all try to think about the reprucussions of our decisions, we are one step closer to thinking and acting in a more sustainable way.  Come on Obama, lead us by good example and show the country how easy it is to save trees, AND MONEY.  If the government can do it, we can too!