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Conflict within the USA corporation

Corporations, by nature and design, are at the service of their stockholders.  So how is it that a massive food corporation like Kraft or General Mills, that brings in loads of profits from selling sugary soda, fatty chips and other chemical-laden processed goodies, can also join a movement focused on healthy eating?  These guys make money when we are unhealthy couch potatoes addicted to their products, so what’s the change of heart?  This kind of makes me think of the issues surrounding the fact that health insurers and providers are running on a for-profit model…. it just doesn’t work.

Yes folks, now there is an anti-obesity campaign by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, and the world’s biggest food corps are behind it, but it makes you wonder what are their motives?  How do they explain that to their insightful stockholders?

As an advocate of healthy lifestyles, of course I support movements that begin to address our growing (pun intended) obesity epidemic, so this is a start….but I want to see more from all levels of government, and of course from the education system.  And now, it’s time for me to go on a run!

Uniting to Fight Obesity