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Living space: Is bigger always better?

Downsizing Your Home: How Much Space Do You Really Need? : TreeHugger.

This is an article that really makes you think.  In 2007, my husband and I owned an 1800 square foot house that was we bought new in 2003, but then things changed. We sold nearly all of our possessions to friends, strangers, family and moved to Barcelona, Spain so I could pursue my MBA.

We went from having a lot of space (3 bed and 2 1/2 bath on .33 acres) with a house full of expensive furnishings, to a barely 500 square foot piso in Europe.  In the process of purging my house and eventually selling that too, I realized just how much unnecessary stuff we had.  Did I really need a garlic press? How about all of those DVDs?  Or my favorite, the sled? (We lived in hot NC).  While two of us in a strictly Ikea-furnished mini-piso was difficult at times, it made me realize that I could live with less, and very easily at that.

Check out this article and then take a look around your house or apartment to ponder if living large is always better?