All About Organics

It’s a new year, and a perfect time to be a little more conscious about what food you put in your mouth and give to your family.  While I consider myself to be pretty food-savvy, I always like brushing up on the basics and learning just alittle bit more about the current broken state of the US food system.  Here’s a mini-preview:

Why We Should All Eat More Organic Food:

-It’s more nutritious

-It’s pure food, free of chemical additives

-It’s safer


All About Organics- OCA’s Organic Resource Center.


Some last minute gift advice

OK yes I know it’s been a while since my last post… but I am back! And I am here to offer some advice and ideas as the holiday gift giving comes to a head this weekend!

Want to give sustainable gifts? 2009 Gift Guide : TreeHugger.

Why not offer a micr0-loan on behalf of someone else? Kiva

Like fair trade gifts? Global Exchange

Did you know ebay has another site with items that make you feel “good?” World of Good

Plastic bags blow and don’t you need more totes? Resuable Bags

Want to know about Green Wrap and Gift Bags? Just say no paper wrapping

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you are trying to make your holidays more sustainable and spread the good work to your friends and family…. Happy Holidays!

Conscientious Capitalism: The B Corp Annual Report

Even though I consider myself to be fairly aware of what’s going on in the field of conscientious capitalism, I like this article because it gives the details of what exactly a “B Corporation” is… and more importantly for a job seeker like me, who they are!

Want to know more and who these corporations really are? Read on!

2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies

2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies | Ethisphere™ Institute.

6 months after my MBA, I am still job searching…

…and I struggle with the financial need to secure a job, ANY job as soon as possible, with the desire to find the right company and functional fit.  A good friend passed this along to me today which made me stop to think about my ultimate goal: to work in ethical sourcing.  But then THAT got me to ponder what it means for a corporation or organization to be “ethical.”  Rankings are great, but it’s always a good idea to consider the source, the criteria and the evaluation methodology.  Take a look at this list which includes “Traitor Joe’s”…..


How to be a Happy Person

HowStuffWorks “10 Tips from Happy People”.

I thought this was a nice article, definitely a departure from the norm from the “How Stuff Works” people (normally you consult them for things like “how to prepare baby artichokes” like I did last night).  The articles makes you think about just how happy (or unhappy) you really are, and what adjustments you can make to your attitude, lifestyle and/or actions.

Some tips are easy to fix like #7: Exercise, while others require a bit more planning like #8: Simplify your Life.  Some are just down right difficult like #10: Live in a Happy Country, which is easier said that done for a lot of people.

Personally I have really been working on #5: Spend Time in Nature.  I moved to a greener part of the country, Portland, and my husband and I have been walking, running and hiking a good bit.  What I really should be focusing on now is not necessarily on the list which is “Make Money.”  Since I am unemployed and have no income, things are a bit rough these days.  And even though money can’t buy happiness per se, it sure does make life a little easier.

Conflict within the USA corporation

Corporations, by nature and design, are at the service of their stockholders.  So how is it that a massive food corporation like Kraft or General Mills, that brings in loads of profits from selling sugary soda, fatty chips and other chemical-laden processed goodies, can also join a movement focused on healthy eating?  These guys make money when we are unhealthy couch potatoes addicted to their products, so what’s the change of heart?  This kind of makes me think of the issues surrounding the fact that health insurers and providers are running on a for-profit model…. it just doesn’t work.

Yes folks, now there is an anti-obesity campaign by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, and the world’s biggest food corps are behind it, but it makes you wonder what are their motives?  How do they explain that to their insightful stockholders?

As an advocate of healthy lifestyles, of course I support movements that begin to address our growing (pun intended) obesity epidemic, so this is a start….but I want to see more from all levels of government, and of course from the education system.  And now, it’s time for me to go on a run!

Uniting to Fight Obesity

Why I moved to Portland and “to run or not to run?”

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am back! I have moved to the Portland, OR area with my husband and dog and we are trying to settle into the Pacific Northwest.  I received my MBA from ESADE in Barcelona in April and my focus was on Sustainability, and since I currently have no full time job opportunities, I thought it would be a good idea to focus my search.  This area of the country has exactly what I like both professionally and personally:

  • lots of green space, both in the city, the suburbs and outside the metropolitan area
  • an active lifestyle community of bikers, yogis, runners etc.
  • trails and wide bike lanes for commuting
  • a city that promotes recycling and composting
  • dog-friendly businesses and groups
  • coffee shops, breweries and wineries, need I say more?
  • farmers markets, organic and vegetarian food everywhere you look!
  • a culture that appreciates environmentally-friendly options e.g. LEED-certified apartments
  • ….and most importantly, lots of funding for the public sector related to environmental and social issues, and a private business and non-profit community of organizations focused on a triple bottom line (people, planet and profit).  That translates to more job opportunities for me!

But as I search for a fitting job opportunity in the area of corporate responsibility, fair trade, social entrepreneurship etc., I am also focused on my personal health.  I have lots of running events under my belt from the last 4 years or so, but I am still recovering from graduate school in Europe (15 lbs down and 10 to go).  Lucky for me, the Portland area has lots of events including the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, so it’s time to start training again for me.  Hard to believe that I did a half marathon (2:23) in Barcelona in March!

I came across this article in a newsletter which helped to remind me why it’s important for me to start pounding the pavement on a regular basis again.  If you are a non-runner, a runner, or are teetering on the idea of whether or not to start, this is for you! –> Runners live longer!