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Six eco-trends reshaping the fashion industry

Ode Magazine : Six eco-trends reshaping the fashion industry.

OK so you may take a second to think about packaging waste, your recycle bin, how much gas you guzzle, but do you ever stop to think where your clothes come from?  Many people are super concerned about fashion (I am not one of them), but now it’s possible to be “in style” and eco-friendly too.

Just like the food industry, apparel and footwear is huge and can have a very positive impact on our world if we take a more holisitic view of a t-shirt.  How did it arrive to the store?  Who stiched it, where and under what conditions?  Where did the fabric come from?  How about the cotton: how much watering and pesiticides were involved?

Check out the link above to learn a bit more about some eco-trends!


Wow! Mandatory composting!

Looks like San Francisco is leading the way in beginning to tackle the enormous issues surrounding landfill overflow.  The mayor just approved legislation that will mandate composting for both restaurants and individual households which is amazing.  My only question is how they will facilitate separation and collection, and educate citizens on why composting is a good idea.  Will you get a bin like you do for recycling?  I am curious to see how this will pan out and what the reaction (and support) will be from the general public.

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