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Reduce, Reuse and “Precycle”

If recycling is trying to slightly alleviate a problem after it’s already around (read: mounds of non-organic, toxic trash), why not be foreward thinking, anticipate the issue before it happens, and precycle.  Recycling is such a pain anyway….this is much more fun and effective!

–>Precycling represents the stage before recycling and, unlike recycling, it expends little energy.  Precycling happens at the point of purchase, and entails you choosing the product that comes in the least packaging (therefore diverting waste from landfill) or bringing along your own container or bag. Instead of buying packaged sandwiches, for example, take a lunchbox to work, along with cloth napkins and a reusable water bottle.

via Jargon Watch: Precycling : TreeHugger.