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Watch out consumers: A staggering 98% is just greenwashing!

Watch out consumers, a recent study found that 98% of the 4,000 products tested had false claims of being “eco-friendly”, organic, etc.  That is an alarming figure considering we are all trained to read labels.  The issue is a lack of oversight and standardization which leads to very overwhelmed and confused consumers who are unable to make informed, values-based decisions.  Come on Obama…..


GUILTY: U.S. Government Wastes ~$440M/Year in Printing

U.S. Government Wastes Over $440 Million per Year in Printing: Report | GreenerComputing.

Everyone knows the saying “lead by example,” but the US government is doing a poor job to inspire the public and businesses to conserve paper and be mindful of printing waste.  We are guilty at one time or another of printing unnecessary items, making too many copies, and making printing mistakes.  This is especially true at work, because hey, if the company is paying for it (and money is what is top of mind), why not? Right? WRONG.

As I continue to educate myself on the planet’s issues (both social and environmental), I constantly challenge myself to just think before I act. (Wait, isn’t that exactly what Mom always told us to do?) I try to step back and ponder the situation even just for 5 seconds, before I make my next move.  For example: “Do I REALLY need to print out these google maps directions, or can I just write them down on the back of this sales receipt instead?”

If we all try to think about the reprucussions of our decisions, we are one step closer to thinking and acting in a more sustainable way.  Come on Obama, lead us by good example and show the country how easy it is to save trees, AND MONEY.  If the government can do it, we can too!

Stimulate the Economy: Forgive Student Loans!

As an MBA student and a US citizen, my day is filled with bad news about the economy, and the only way I am coping right now is by pure denial.  Denial that it’s very likely I will not find a job by the time I graduate in (gasp!) 52 days, and denial that repayment of my loans is just around the corner.  Not only do I have a bit of undergraduate debt, I thought it would be a great investment in myself if I went abroad for my graduate degree.  Bad news is that MBAs are expensive.  The worse news is that I had to borrow USD to pay for a degree in Euros with a unfavorable exchange rate.  And of course the worst news is that now I owe about $175,000 and have no job prospects.

I had the brilliant idea a long time ago that the US government should stimulate the economy through the forgiveness of student debt.  Taking away the monthly burden of $1500 payments will do WONDERS to my consumer spending, much more than any ridiculous $600 refund check or $700 gazillion bail out of corporate assholes.  Looks like others have the same idea: help out the highly educated with our Sallie Mae payments, and we will then help the economy through our spending and confidence.

I beg you, please sign this petition.

Obama’s first week

In just one week, President Obama has done a lot for the country in terms of its environmental policies.  He has a lot to clean up from the past 8 years, but it seems like we are finally on our way to energy independence. Gobama!

On a related topic, I am headed back to the good ol’ USA this Friday and will attend the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference the following week in Washington, DC.  With a new administration and Congress, the future of green jobs is now and I want to learn all that I can about what I can do to help.  Oh yeah, and I would like to find a job there too.  I have my fingers crossed for a Presidential cameo!