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Help your pets “Go Green!”

How to Green Your Pets – Go Green – SustainLane.

So you have stopped using plastic bags at the grocery store and instead bring along your reusable canvas totes.  But then you think: “What will I use to pick up my dog poo?”  I found myself in this same situation and didn’t quite realize the horrible DOUBLE DOG impact I was having by using left over bags to pick up poo and sealing in the juices for a loooong time.

If you are a LOHAS who tries to make sustainable decisions every day, don’t forget about the impact that your pooch (or kitty) can also have on the environment.  Check out this article for some more suggestions!


FINALLY! A mainstream compostable bag

Sunchips debuts compostable bag – 6/1/2009 – Packaging Digest.

Watch out FMCG industry! I am so excited about this! Finally, a major manufacturer is starting to take responsibility for the impact that their products have on the environment and are considering what happens after their consumers finish a bag of Sun Chips.  Now if we could only mainstream composting……

GUILTY: U.S. Government Wastes ~$440M/Year in Printing

U.S. Government Wastes Over $440 Million per Year in Printing: Report | GreenerComputing.

Everyone knows the saying “lead by example,” but the US government is doing a poor job to inspire the public and businesses to conserve paper and be mindful of printing waste.  We are guilty at one time or another of printing unnecessary items, making too many copies, and making printing mistakes.  This is especially true at work, because hey, if the company is paying for it (and money is what is top of mind), why not? Right? WRONG.

As I continue to educate myself on the planet’s issues (both social and environmental), I constantly challenge myself to just think before I act. (Wait, isn’t that exactly what Mom always told us to do?) I try to step back and ponder the situation even just for 5 seconds, before I make my next move.  For example: “Do I REALLY need to print out these google maps directions, or can I just write them down on the back of this sales receipt instead?”

If we all try to think about the reprucussions of our decisions, we are one step closer to thinking and acting in a more sustainable way.  Come on Obama, lead us by good example and show the country how easy it is to save trees, AND MONEY.  If the government can do it, we can too!

Now taking reservations: Bicycle City

Bicycle City.

I stumbled upon this website after I was referred to the League of American Bicyclists from a blog from Sustainlane about why we should bike.  I was just reiterating my love of all things biking and again asked myself the question: “Where should I move so that I can ride my bike?” I decided to post my question to the community and a nice guy named Jon S. said that I can view the most bike-friendly communities online- jack pot!

I had heard that Portland, Oregon was great for people like me, but I haven’t been too impressed with the jobs there, so I have temporarily scratched it off my list.  But then I saw a banner ad for Bicycle City that peeked my interest.  Basically, it’s a movement to create communities all around the world that are car-free and built sustainably with the Earth and all its inhabitants and finite resources in mind. What a great concept!  Seems like they are one step closer to actually opening one since the organization is taking $250 deposits, but I am not holding my breath. Do you think Obama knows about this initiative???

Cows with Gas: India’s Global-Warming Problem

Cows with Gas: India’s Global-Warming Problem

And this is why I subscribe the so many news feeds, newsletters, and listen to NPR…if I didn’t, then how would I know about problems like cows?  I tend to think the main culprits of global warming to be industrial, related to transportation, construction etc, but what about cows?  I did know that they are gassy, and with 5 stomachs, extra repugnant, but I guess I just didn’t realize the extent of the problem.  So read on folks, and learn about how India’s sacred cow is polluting our Earth.

The Global Crisis goes beyond Wall Street

We are in the thick of a world financial crisis, and it’s easy to forget about other issues we have.  But we must remember that the key to solving the economic crisis, is inexplicably linked to national security as well as the sustainability of our environment.

And on that note, did you forget that water is a finite resource but that it is necessary for our survival?  Most global citizens in the North have not experienced a severe water scarcity, but folks, it’s only a matter of time…

Water scarcity ‘now bigger threat than financial crisis’ – Climate Change, Environment – The Independent.