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25 Facts About Green IT

In the spirit of Facebook’s “25 Random Things About Me,” here is a post to give you some quick facts about the world of Green IT.  I shared it with my husband who works as a client manager at a British networking solutions company, and said that maybe he should think about these types of things when designing networks for his customers. His response was something along the lines of: “I have, but their budget doesn’t permit the investment…”

Ahh it all comes back to the “crisis,” right? “Sustainable thinking” has become what the marketing budget and break room snacks used to be: first to be cut.  But in (more) difficult economic times, innovation and long-term strategy will be what saves us and allows us to compete in the upswing.

From simple things like double-sided printing (an initiative that our ESADE Net Impact chapter recently implemented successfully in our school building!) to server virtualization, there are things you can do at your company to realize both energy and cost savings. Translation: think about how happy your boss will be when you show him the numbers! You are bound to get that promotion in 2010!

Until next time, keep reading, keep learning, and keep the faith in your sustainability journey!

25 facts you should know about green IT |Sustainable IT | Ted Samson | InfoWorld.


Do you know what happens to your broken i-Pod?

Many people don’t think twice when they toss something into the trash.  But did you ever wonder what happens after you decide that your headphones aren’t good enough, or that you want a bigger computer monitor? E-waste is becoming quite the hot topic, especially after the 60 Minutes expose in May.  Your 1989 television might sit in a landfill never to decompose, and pollute the Earth and people around it….. or it might just be shipped to Asia and have an even deadlier afterlife.

USA’s trashed TVs, computer monitors can make toxic mess –