About Me

Megan Le


My name is Megan Le (Megan McNulty Le) and I was born in the United States but have enjoyed the perks and lessons of living in Europe with my husband David and dog Gracie.  I created this blog to share my professional experience and interests and hopefully find others who are along the same path as me.

I am an MBA graduate from ESADE in Barcelona, Spain, a school with a very international focus and student body. Beyond my core classes, I concentrated my studies in Marketing, Strategy and Sustainability (Social Entrepreneurship was my favorite!).

I am very interested in taking a holistic approach to international development and solving our biggest social and environmental issues through sustainable thinking. Because of this passion, I am constantly learning about how the collaboration of government, NGOs, community organizations and business will be the key to addressing the issues surrounding global poverty and inequality.


•Case study on supply chain collaboration
•Helped implement a campus-wide environmental taskforce
•Co-founded ESADE Net Impact chapter
•Business plan for consumer goods transparency
•Semi-finalist in Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit
•Stakeholder engagement proposal for foreign pharmaceutical company
•Research report on sustainable package design
•Corporate strategy report for Starbucks
•Internship: Strategic research and recommendations for ethical sourcing non-profit that uses web-based technology to facilitate collaboration among apparel and footwear companies

Please take a look around my website/blog and feel free to contact me: megan_le@hotmail.com


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