“Kilowatt Crackdown” in Seattle: Property Owners Compete!

In Seattle, Property Owners Competing to be Biggest Loser in “Kilowatt Crackdown” |Triple Pundit.

I read this article and it got me thinking… what am I doing to reduce my environmental impact? It’s Monday morning and a perfect time for some reflection!  Using my friend Caroline’s term, what does it take to be an “eco-warrior?” Here are my thoughts:

1. First, you must accept that you are not perfect and can’t change the world in one day, but that small changes over time do add up and make a huge difference

PERSONAL EXAMPLE: I started with recycling and reusing items creatively…now we use cloth napkins and only buy 100% recycled paper goods… that led to unplugging appliances when not in use….which led to only 100% natural cleaners…which led to buying recycled cotton bath towels….and that led to committing to one car… which increased our purchase of fair trade products and organic produce….and now we never cook meat at home…and on the horizon: more sustainable seafood choices

2. Secondly, you must be an advocate.  Naturally you will inspire friends and family around you with your actions, but you can step that up with promoting your values with thoughtful conversation.

PERSONAL EXAMPLE: I posted something on FB about “What’s in your pancake syrup?” This sparked quite the debate among family members who had differing views…but hey maybe it got those who aren’t as savvy about industrial food production to stop and think a minute…

3. Education. This is in my opinion, the way to solve all the world’s problems, but I digress…. Take the time each day to dig in and do some research- this is the only way you will come up with new ideas and be inspired to take further action

PERSONAL EXAMPLE: I am the queen of Twitter (there really is very useful info and orgs out there who don’t tell me what they had for breakfast) and e-newsletters.  The more I read, the more I learn, which leads me to new sources of information. I love it!

4. And finally, take pride in what you are doing.  This goes for all aspects of your life of course, but if someone questions your thoughts or actions, take the time to explain your values to them and be proud of what you are accomplishing each day.  Be the catalyst for change!

PERSONAL EXAMPLE: This is a big one.  What do you say to your mother when she comments: “It makes sense that you moved to the Pacific Northwest- that’s where are all the hippies are.”…. Well you think: OK I will take that as a compliment, because I made the conscious decision to move to a place where I will find more like-minded people.  But remember to pick your battles- the ultra-conservative relative will never understand you, or you them, but you can educate your nieces and nephews little by little by giving fair trade gifts and reusable water bottles and school lunch kits.

Keep on trucking!


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