Now taking reservations: Bicycle City

Bicycle City.

I stumbled upon this website after I was referred to the League of American Bicyclists from a blog from Sustainlane about why we should bike.  I was just reiterating my love of all things biking and again asked myself the question: “Where should I move so that I can ride my bike?” I decided to post my question to the community and a nice guy named Jon S. said that I can view the most bike-friendly communities online- jack pot!

I had heard that Portland, Oregon was great for people like me, but I haven’t been too impressed with the jobs there, so I have temporarily scratched it off my list.  But then I saw a banner ad for Bicycle City that peeked my interest.  Basically, it’s a movement to create communities all around the world that are car-free and built sustainably with the Earth and all its inhabitants and finite resources in mind. What a great concept!  Seems like they are one step closer to actually opening one since the organization is taking $250 deposits, but I am not holding my breath. Do you think Obama knows about this initiative???

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  1. Posted by crystalbrooke on May 29, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Hmph. I still vote for Portland. Maybe you can make a biker out of me yet!! 🙂


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