The end of the plastic water bottle?

The other day I was thinking about my “passions.” What issues or topics really get me excited, either in a good or a bad way.  One item high on the top of my list is our general flippant attitude about waste. Each day, every one of us wastes so much food, packaging, water etc..  And it drives me nuts.  I do not claim to be a saint who never wastes, but I like to think that I am conscious of the issue and do my best to conserve whenever I can.

Last week at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs I took a pledge with an advocacy group to “Think Outside the Bottle” and choose non-bottled water whenever possible.  When I lived in Raleigh, NC we used a Brita filter and the tap water was perfectly safe to drink.  Very unfortunately, here in Barcelona what comes out of the kitchen faucet is neither safe nor tasty and I am forced to use only bottled water.  The local culture is so fixated on these bottles that I can get a 2 liter for $.50, amazing. In the USA alone, citizens toss 6million bottles per day, and only 14% of those get recycled.

Of course we all know that this lifestyle is not sustainable and that something has to change or we will run out of fresh water to drink (and I haven’t even mentioned the poor countries that don’t have any access to clean, safe drinking water at all).  In the not so distant future, I fear that we will have world wars not over tiny strips of territory, but over water.

Thankfully, there are people who are working on facets of the water crisis including one company who has developed a water bottle made from 100% recycled PAPER. Check it out!

Inventing an environmentally-friendly solution – Paper Water Bottle – Brandimage.

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