Stimulate the Economy: Forgive Student Loans!

As an MBA student and a US citizen, my day is filled with bad news about the economy, and the only way I am coping right now is by pure denial.  Denial that it’s very likely I will not find a job by the time I graduate in (gasp!) 52 days, and denial that repayment of my loans is just around the corner.  Not only do I have a bit of undergraduate debt, I thought it would be a great investment in myself if I went abroad for my graduate degree.  Bad news is that MBAs are expensive.  The worse news is that I had to borrow USD to pay for a degree in Euros with a unfavorable exchange rate.  And of course the worst news is that now I owe about $175,000 and have no job prospects.

I had the brilliant idea a long time ago that the US government should stimulate the economy through the forgiveness of student debt.  Taking away the monthly burden of $1500 payments will do WONDERS to my consumer spending, much more than any ridiculous $600 refund check or $700 gazillion bail out of corporate assholes.  Looks like others have the same idea: help out the highly educated with our Sallie Mae payments, and we will then help the economy through our spending and confidence.

I beg you, please sign this petition.

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